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Kindergarten 2022

We look forward to meeting our 2022 Kindergarten students and their families! Please ensure you subscribe to the school app and facebook page so you remain well-informed.

According to the latest NSW Health advice, ‘Non-essential visitors are not permitted on school sites’, therefore orientation visits for our incoming Kindergarten students will need to occur online via Zoom. Your child will be invited to attend three Zoom sessions, each taking place on the days that have already been communicated: Thursday 28th October, Monday 8th November and Tuesday 23rd November. Your child will be allocated a colour group and allocated a time for their half-an-hour Zoom sessions, at which they will be do activities to replace the face-to-face sessions. More information  to come. 

In addition to our orientation zoom sessions, various activities and information will be released on this website and the school Enews App during the remainder of this year to support you with your child’s transition to school. When it become available, click on the title of the resource in the table below to access them.  

Also, please scroll to the bottom of this page to access brochures and pricing regarding the uniform shop, canteen and other information that pertains to P&C programs and events. 


Term 3

Rouse Hill Public School Information Booklet (Week 10):

This booklet should provide you with an overview about school practices and routines.

Readiness Video (Week 10):

This video should support your understanding of the key points to take note of prior to sending your child to school and ensure your child is ready to embark on their learning at Rouse Hill Public School. 

Daisy's First Day Book:  (Week 10)

You could read this story to your child to support their understanding of what their first day at school may look like. 

A Special Place Book (Week 10):

This book is a "welcome to school' gift for you child. The book shows that school can be an exciting place where anything is possible. Enjoy reading this book with your child, looking at the puctures and talking about school together. 

Term 4

Transition to School Book (Week 1):

An activity and storybook made by the Department for children and families about starting Kinderagarten.  

Activities & Learning Resources (Week 1):

Some fun activities and resources for your child to complete at home to help prepare for school. 

- Tracing Activities

- Letter/Sound Cards for students to practice their recognition of sounds 

- Number Matching Cards

- Fine Motor Skills: Cutting Practice

Healthy Start to School Resource (Week 2):

This flyer provides a number of links and tips about how to establish some healthy routines which should see your child make an easier transition to school.  

Check out the Cancer Council website for more information about packing a healthy lunchbox. 

Online Story Time (Week 2):

Allow your child to listen to a story with Mrs Simmons. Download the resources below, encouraging your child to complete them after listening to the story.

- Watermelon Puzzle

- Number Matching Activity

- Order the Watermelon

Uniform Video (Week 3):

Have a look at the various uniform items your child will need when starting at RHPS.

Uniform Shop Information (Week 3):

Thank you to the P&C who have organised these price lists for our Kinder 2022 parents. 

- Uniform Shop: Starting School Packs

- Uniform Shop: Indiviudal Item Price List

- Flexischools: Information about how to purchase uniform shop items

A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Student (Week 5):

Follow Henley as he recounts what it is like being a RHPS Kindergarten student.  

RHPS Information Video (Week 8):

Get all the required information regarding RHPS. This will include information from the Uniform Shop, the P&C, the school canteen and the before and after school care facility. 


Please click on the documents below to view pricing regarding the uniform shop, canteen and other information that pertains to P&C run programs and events. 

- What is the P&C?

- Uniform Shop Packs for 2022 Kindergarten parents

- Uniform Shop Price List

- Flexischools: Ordering information for the canteen, uniform shop and fundraising purchases 

- SunSmart Hat Flyer

- P&C Helper/Volunteer Form