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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

2023 Executive Staff

Principal - Mr Rob Jarvis

K-2 Deputy Principal - Mrs Jess Pintado

Years 3-6 Deputy Principal - Ms Rebecca Wallace

School Mascot - Rexie

Assistant Principals

Mrs Kimberley Cook, Mrs Louise Booth, Mr Steve Watkins, Miss Marija Mlinac (Rel), Mrs Rebecca Brown (Rel), Mrs Alix Campbell (Rel), Miss Gemma Simmons (Rel), Mrs Amie Foscholo (Rel)

Curriculum & Instruction - Mrs Belinda Reedman, Mrs Heidi Bennett


2023 Class Teachers

KA Miss Kiara Andrew 
KE Miss Emily Phegan
KH Ms Janine Hayes / Mrs Rachael Olson
KL Mrs Linda Proglio
KN Miss Isabella Newton     
KP Miss Louise Pye / Mrs Charlotte Giorelando
KG Mrs Belle Goodere
KM Miss Marija Mlinac/Mrs Melinda Wu
K/1W Mrs Belinda Weisback
1C Mrs Belinda Caprarelli    
1G Miss Roza Ghadiri
1B Mrs Rebecca Brown/Miss Kye Ling Low
1N Mrs Brooke Norris
1R Miss Lisa Redman
1V Mrs Therese Virveste
1T Tina Tran 
2CS Mrs Alix Campbell/Miss Hannah Stretton
2G Miss Indianna Gay
2J Mrs Pam Johnson/Mrs Sonya Fishpool
2L Mrs Colleen Lawrence
2M Mrs Lyndal McGree
2O Miss Socheata Ou   
2SH Mrs Sacha Spragg/Mrs Hannah Howse
3AK Miss Delusha Anderson/Mrs Mel Knipler
3F Mrs Amie Foscholo
3S Mrs Linda Stellino
3O Mrs Garima Trivedi
3W Mrs Wendy Wilson
3/4M Ms Tabitha Mangion
4C Miss Hannah Carr
4CA Mrs Cassie Casey/Mrs Alexia Khoury
4H Mr Luke Hyland
4S Miss Gemma Simmons
4/5N Mrs Giselle Carruthers T1/Mr Rob Neorcsik T2-4
5A Mrs Caitlin Aret
5H Mr Justin Hooper
5N Mrs Natasha Alam
5T Mr Brenton Taylor
5/6J Mr Neil Jackson
6K Mr Harry Kumar
6C Mrs Evin Cao
6V Mrs Victoria Kuswara
6W  Mr Steve Watkins/Mrs Amy Murphy
K-2S Mrs Tish Sood
2-4K Mrs Indie Kaur
4-5B Mrs Louise Booth
5-6D Mr Kamal Deo 

Teacher Librarians: Mrs Nicole Egan, Mr Nick Garnock

Mandarin Teachers: Miss Elva Lee, Miss Selina Lee, Mr William Kang, Miss Kye-Ling Low, Mrs Isabella Yi

Learning & Support Coordinator: Mrs Kimberley Cook

Learning & Support Teachers: Mrs Amy Murphy, Mrs Laurette Sider

RFF & QTSS Teachers: Miss Kye-Ling Low, Mrs Jantel Murphy, Mrs Vanessa Cowlishaw, Mrs Kristen Nicholson, Mrs Rachel Olson, Mrs Alexia Khoury, Miss Hannah Stretton, Mrs Nicolette Vecchio, Mr James McMurtry, Mrs Garima Trivedi

EAL/D Teachers: Mrs Lucky Singh, Mrs Anne Machan

School Counsellor: Mrs Vanessa Lord

School Learning Support Officers: Mrs Sharon Borg, Mrs Wendy Mansfield, Mrs Gulnaz Mitha, Mrs Deb Hebb, Mrs Adele Harris, Mrs Krishna Chester, Mrs Emma Hughes, Mrs Michelle Eamer, Mrs Leili Ghaderi, Mrs Amanda Newman, Mrs Annie Syeda, Mrs Kim Small, Mrs Charry Malik, Mrs Teong Tan

School Administrative Manager: Mrs Karren Newbert     

School Administrative Officers: Mrs Lissa Osborn, Mrs Kathy Ortiz, Mrs Kim Burgmann, Mrs Lucinda Speechley, Mrs Debra Johns, Mrs Mary-Kate Pracny-Strass, Mrs Tara Burns

Canteen Supervisors: Mrs Febrino Hartono, Ms Afsaneh Jalali

Uniform Shop Supervisor: Mrs Michelle Caldwell

P&C Business Manager: Mrs Michelle Caldwell

General Assistant: Mr Luke McGrath   

Cleaners: Mr Alex Nisbet