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Starting School in Kindergarten 2025

Transition to School Resources

We have included a number of resources that aim to support your child's smooth transition to school. Please click on the title of each resources to view it. 

Getting ready for primary school

A booklet with tips and checklists to help parents prepare their child for Kindergarten.

Special Place Story

This Department resources can be read to your child so they can better understand what starting school will look like. 

Daisy's First Day

A children's book about Daisy the koala on her first day at primary school.

NSW Foundation Style writing guide

The style of handwriting students learn in primary school. 

Transition to School Storybook

Allow your child to read this storybook with you in preperation for their first day at school. 

Starting School: Healthy Children & Families Information

This fact sheet should support you and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It provides videos, tips and resources to support a balanced lifestyle. 


A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Child

This video was designed to allow incoming Kindergarten students to learn about what a typical day of a Kindergarten child looks like. This should see them feel more comfortable starting school as they begin to familiarise themself with what to expect a day at school looks like. 



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